The Lotus Project

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There are many ways to grow a lotus for your own pond, and we are currently working to add a few to our water garden collection. We found a supplier of lotus seeds, they have arrived in good condition and we began the sprouting process. The Lotus Project will be photographed, documented and shared with our followers, who may also have a similar interest in growing this beautiful plant for themselves.

After much research, we discovered there are several ways to get your hands on this aquatic plant: you can find someone online to ship a plant, many websites also offer rhizomes, and there are easily obtainable seeds. The first solution is pricey and local fish stores may not always carry plants. The second option is more possible, but not quite as challenging. Which is how we settled on seeds – affordable and fun for any green thumbed hobbyist.

sprouted lotus seeds

You will find several different ways to start the process of sprouting these beautiful seeds. First, you want to make sure you purchase from a reliable source and that the seeds are viable. The hard coating of the seeds need to be cracked open – either by filing it off, nicked with a knife, hammering, or by use of a nut cracker. Put your seeds into a clean container with fresh warm water, changing the water daily. Give it some time and before long, you will see progress!

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