Let’s Make for the Beach

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Recently, we made a trip to the coast of Alabama. You may have noticed our Tuesday videos went MIA for two weeks or so, but we are back and refreshed with new ideas for the future. While we were enjoying some time in Orange Beach, we recorded some videos and snapped some pics to compile a cool travel vlog for you all.

One of the most enjoyable and beachy places we ate at was The Gulf. It’s a unique restaurant in a series of storage containers with a sandy patio. You can sit at a table, up at the bar or on a couch in the sand. The food was surprisingly good and the kids kept themselves busy. If you happen to stop by, definitely give the mahi-mahi taco a try, or go for the taco bowl!

mahi-mahi taco bowlWe also happened upon a really cool hidden gem! There was a ditch alongside the road filled with lotus and lily pads. It must be a common practice down there, as we also passed pickerel rush on the highway heading home. It’s a really nice addition that could provide mosquito control if done properly (housing mosquito fish, etc).lotus growing in a ditch

Orange Beach has been one of our favorite getaways for a number of years, and we have enjoyed each visit. The beaches are nice, the fish is delicious and we don’t face many crowds for the time of year we travel. Although we may not return next year, we made some great memories.

Thank you for keeping up with our blog and videos, we hope they help you in some way or another. We have so many new videos and projects in the works and can’t wait to get them up on our channel. Stay tuned!

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