Care Guide : Pothos

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Pothos is known for being a very hardy, easy to grow, house plant. Also referred to as “devil’s ivy”, this greenery is nearly impossible to kill and can stay green even in darker areas. Pothos is easily identified by it’s marbled leaves, and belongs to the family Arums. Native to Southern Asia, it can be found in the wild growing attached to trees and branches. You will find it in most hardware stores or garden centers for under $20, or even for free from a friend.

Care Requirements

Care level : very easy

Light : low to moderate

Temperature : 60 – 85° F

Growing Habits

Pothos is a very easy going plant and is generally very hard to kill. It’s traditionally grown in soil, but can be a great advantage to your aquarium. Due to it’s adaptability to live in a wide range of environments, they can live in your aquarium with no requirements of soil. It will use the nutrients needed from the water by pulling nitrates through fish waste to help them grow. This means less algae growth for you, making this plant an amazing natural filter in turn creating a healthier fish tank.

This plant will do well placed at the bottom of your aquarium filter, or partially into tank water. However, if fully submerged, the plant’s growth will come to a halt and it will succumb to rot as the months go on. Pothos thrives on a balance of oxygen as well as a lot of water, and should be placed with at least a few leaves above water to prevent rotting.

The best temperature for this plant is somewhere between 60 – 85 degrees farenheit. It can handle cold snaps down to 50°, any colder and it will die, making this plant a good candidate for ponds as well. It can thrive in low to moderate lighting situations, although the leaves will start to yellow and fall off if given too much light (such as full sun light all day).


It grows as a vine, and can be propagated very easily. If grown partially immersed in water it will grow long white roots into your aquarium or filter, that could easily be trimmed into sections that quickly grow into a new plant. If you have a section kept out of water, it most likely will not have roots long enough for cutting. Simply trim off a piece with a leaf at the very end, and add the bottom to water – It will quickly begin to grow roots.


Pothos can be used in pretty much any kind of fresh water tank, no matter the size. It can simply be placed in the back of your filter to grow, increasing your filtration. After being in your tank for just a few weeks, your plant collection can begin to double. The roots will grow very long and thick, providing your fish with new hiding places and snacks. Your pothos can also be left to float along the surface of your aquarium. It’s also a wonderful plant for your bigger betta bowls, by recreating a betta’s natural habitat. It can even be left to grow over you aquarium racks to add more life to the room. Not only is this plant good for your aquarium it is also good for your own health! Pothos is know to clean the air, by pulling chemicals and odors from the air, like carbon monoxide, and benzine.


This plant is toxic if ingested by you or your nonaquatic pets. It can cause irritation and vomiting in children, and in extreme cases even cause death. Although it has no effect on your fish, most fish do not eat it.



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