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Care Guide : Hygrophila corymbosa – Cherry Leaf

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Hygrophila corymbosa is a very undemanding planted aquarium plant. It’s also knows as cherry leaf, Giant Hygro, Temple plant, and Starhorn Plant. It belongs to the family Acanthus. It’s native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and india, and it’s also readily available online.

Care requirements 

Care level : easy

Light: moderate to high

Temperature : 70-82

Ph: 6.5 -7.5

Supplement : potassium

Growing Habits

Cherry Leaf is a great beginners plant, but it may need  supplemented with potassium regularly.(We highly recommend you do your own research on the right potassium before you just go buy it.) Potassium is generally removed via reverses osmosis and through filters in your tap water. When deficient in potassium the leaves of the plant will begin to get pin holes  that will gradually grow larger. (They have to get the potassium for new growth from somewhere so they basically begin to eat themselves to provide that) They grow rather fast and are very easy to propagate. Hygrophila corymbosa  prefers to have moderate light, if light is too low the leaves may begin to melt and rot from the base leaves, upward. It can be a good plant for any size tank, and can be trimmed continually; able to grow up to 2ft tall. This plant prefers to grow immersed with some leaves out of the water, so it will always be growing to reach that goal. If left untrimmed and allowed to grow out of the water, it may bloom purple flowers. Leaves near the surface will also begin to turn a pink or purple hue as well. It will grow better and faster when provided with a nutrient high substrate and CO2, but is not required for it to survive and grow.


Propagation is very simple with this plant, and greatly benefits the parent plant by trimming a quarter inch above the nodes (cross section where leaves and new stems grow).The trimming can be left to float or pushed in to the substrate and it will begin growing roots and become its own plant. The parent plant with then begin multiplying its stems creating a bushier plant.


Hygrophila corymbosa is known for its power to reduce and use up nutrients from the water column, making this plant a great algae fighter plus, a nice natural filter for your fish. Due to it’s big green lushous growth, at a fast pace, it makes this plant perfect for filling in gaps and open spaces in aquascapes quickly.


It is recommended that you trim your Hygrophila corymbosa regularly to keep its health and growth at its best.

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