Hand Spawning Fancy Goldfish

Spawning goldfish can be slightly more tricky than other types of fish who may spawn on their own. While it is possible for your favorite fancy couple to spawn without your help, it’s less likely than if you take the time to understand hand spawning and how it works. With a good eye on behavior and gentle touch, you can be on the road to raising your first batch of goldfish fry.

Goldfish tend to become aggressive toward one another when a female is ready (males are pretty much ready all the time, go figure). When you observe chasing behaviors, and spot a female with a visible outward tube, you know you’re close. Sometimes it may take a few failed attempts to better understand when your female is ready to go.¬†When they are ready to spawn, you can take a container of water directly from your fish tank. You want to use one or two males to ensure a higher rate of fertility, and milk them for some milt. Follow any pressure with a swirling of the fish in the water to mix the milt.

Next, you want to hand spawn your female’s eggs into the mixture, swirling her as she expels eggs to prevent them from sticking on top of one another which may cause fungus – you want them as evenly distributed across the container surface as possible. Use gently pressure on her belly as you push from the center, out in the direction of the tail. Act like you’re testing the ripeness of an avocado, slight continuous pressure in a single motion. The eggs should be an amber color when they’re laid.

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