Fish Food Review: Jappies Growth Formula

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When working on a review, we like to take the time to use the product and really get a feel for how it works. Whether we are reviewing a filter or live plants from an online store, we form our opinion based on interactions with the seller, as well as how the product performed for our aquariums. This review is in no way sponsored by the seller or manufacturer/producer and all opinions are our own. That being said, we want to bring our latest goldfish food review to our subscribers, with Jappies Growth Formula.

This product was one we found organically through Instagram. Jappies is an individual who produces goldfish food while running a cute goldfish account; you can follow his chubby fancies and watch the growth differences along his timeline. Once we realized his fish food was available to the US through King Koi (Jappies is a producer in the EU), we jumped on the Jappies train to give it a go.

Jappies packages his food in metal tins, featuring colorful and informative labels. He now produces four formulas but, for now, we are focusing on the Growth Formula. We ordered through King Koi in January 2019 and began feeding his food exclusively upon receipt, having fed a regular diet of Hikari, Repashy and blood worms. We experienced no issues in getting our goldfish to eat, and they seemed to be begging or more again and again.

This small granular food is a sinking pellet, which helps to prevent swim bladder disorders caused by drinking in too much air. The size is also little enough for fish transitioning from baby foods to adult pellets. The only issue I have noticed is that the pellets will sit on the surface for a moment before sinking, usually requiring a bit of surface agitation before beginning to sink. You can simply wiggle your finger in the water if your airstone doesn’t do it, or wait for one of your piggies to break the surface.

Overall I give this food a 5 out of 5 stars. The growth we noticed in 3 short months was substantial, even in the goldfish who only ate for a month before publishing this review. There have been zero side effects after finding the perfect amount to feed our fishies, which is a big deal considering the cycle issues we had with Repashy. If you’d like to see proof of growth, please check out our YouTube video!


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