Black Friday 2019: Fish Deals

As much as I love finding good deals on aquarium equipment and fish, there’s nothing I like more than Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t enjoy eating too much food, waddling to the couch and slipping into a food induced coma? Seriously, who has time for Black Friday shopping? Isn’t that what Cyber Monday is for? Plopping down on the sofa with cold leftover turkey, chilled cranberry sauce and a steaming cup of coffee; perusing an online selection of sales. Now that is more my speed.

For those of you who enjoy the competition of Black Friday, there are plenty of sales ads cropping up early to help you schedule your every move. Pet stores generally have had a sparse selection of promotions in previous years, but it seems like they’re upping their game. Aquarium kits, API supplies, tanks and even tropical fish are being discounted in an attempt to bring in some fish oriented customers.


Featuring a wide selection of BOGO deals on cat and dog products, Petco has made a good attempt at offering a wide assortment to suit the needs of various pet keepers. My favorite promotion is hands down the $1 per Gallon sale on 10 gallons, 20 gallons, 20 gallon longs and 29 gallon aquariums. Starter kits will also be discounted, but I am not a huge fan of fish tank kits – you can often get better equipment for less if you’re willing to price match or shop around.


While their less impressive selection is focused heavily on dogs, you can score a 60 gallon tank setup for $150. Anyone interested in a Fluval canister filter may also take advantage of their 50% off discount. Again, though, we see a big push on kit setups, and not much else.


While I don’t happen to live close enough to any of their locations to make it worth my while, Pet Supplies Plus is pushing hard to keep up with the big boys. Even though their ad is a few pages shy of their biggest competitors’ spreads, it features more variety for more types of pets. A quick click to page 6 will take you to their fish section where you will find another $1 per Gallon sale on 10, 20, 20L and 29 gallon aquariums. Select API products are BOGO and, my favorite part, ALL TROPICAL FISH ARE 50% off!

While there are surely more pet oriented Black Friday sales to be found online, these three stores hit the top of my list. I’d put Pet Supplies Plus in the number one slot, simply because of their tropical fish promotion. Although Petsmart features small pets, such as guinea pigs and hamsters, at a discounted price, we don’t often see fish being part of a sale.

The one concern I have with this selection is the imminent amount of easily avoidable fish deaths. You may be going to buy discounted tanks, kits and/or supplies, maybe grab a few fish on the same day and viola! You have a recipe for disaster. If you take anything away from my post, let it be this: cycle your tanks for a month before adding fish, and research all species before putting fish together. Not only will your tanks and fish be healthier, you will get to enjoy happier fish as well.

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