amazon sword
Amazon Sword
Amazon Swords are tall live, rooted plants for freshwater tanks.Echinodorus grisbebachii
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Axolotl Sticker
Axolotl Sticker

Limited stock! Axolotl stickers are ready to ship with free shipping!

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Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
A very hardy rooted beginners plant. Stays relatively small, grows up to 5 inches. Can grow well in low lighting situations.
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Duckweed makes a quick snack, and boosts filtration. Lemna
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Dwarf Cherry Shrimp Assorted
Dwarf Cherry Shrimp Assorted
Assorted Dwarf Cherry Shrimp from US Lines. Neocaridina davidi
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dwarf water lettuce
Dwarf Water Lettuce Bunch
Dwarf Water Lettuce Float on the Surface in Freshwater Tanks. Pistia
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black devil betta female
Female Black Devil Betta
Black Devil Betta Adult Female
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female ram
Female German Blue Ram
Female German Blue Ram from US Bloodlines
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female koi betta
Female Koi Plakat Betta
Female Koi Plakat Adult Betta with Multicolored Marble. Born and Raised in the USA!
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cherry leaf plant
Hygrophila corymbosa
Hygrophila corymbosa is a rooted live plant that can thrive with low light. 
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java fern
Java Fern
Java Fern is an easy live freshwater plant for beginners. Microsorum Pteropus
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