java moss
Java Moss
Java Moss is sold as a bunch, and can be used in a variety of tank settings. Vesicularia dubyana
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jungle val
Jungle Val
Jungle Val freshwater rooted live plant. Vallisnaria. Includes 5 plants with free flat rate shipping!
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Golden Albino Juvenile Pleco
Juvenile Bristlenose Short Fin Pleco Trio

Our juvenile bristlenose short fin plecos are at least 1″ in length, and ready to go to new homes. They are blends of a golden male and albino female, resulting in different shades of light golden colors, that may enrich … Continued

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male black devil betta
Male Black Devil Betta
HMPK Black Devil Betta Adult Male
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male german blue ram
Male German Blue Ram
Male German Blue Ram from US Bloodlines
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adult male koi betta
Male Koi Plakat Betta
Male Koi Plakat Adult Betta with Multicolored Marble. Born and Raised in the USA! Assorted.
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pathos plant
Pothos plants add great natural filtration to freshwater tanks and ponds. Epipremnum aureum
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tuxedo platy
Tuxedo Platy Assorted
Tuxedo Platy from USA Lines. Xiphophorus
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Water Sprite
Water Sprite
Water sprite is a fast growing, freshwater rooted plant. moderate light requirements. Learn more hereĀ 
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water wisteria plant
Water Wisteria
Water Wisteria is another beginner freshwater plant. Hygrophila difformis
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